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Firm Overview

Kentucky Construction Accident Attorney Personal Injury

A lawyer who understands worksite injuries from the inside out

As a young man, Bixler W. Howland,, put himself through college working construction. He learned by experience the challenges construction workers face on dangerous work sites.

After graduating from law school, Attorney Howland defended insurance companies in work site accident claims. He gained valuable experience which he uses to help those injured by third parties.

Contact Bixler W. Howland at 502-657-7137 to answer your questions or help you know where to start if you or a loved one has suffered a serious worksite accident, or experienced medical malpractice, or had your insurance claim rejected.

Help right the wrongs

Bixler W. Howland made a very conscious choice that he wanted to help the working people who get up every morning and go to work and are the backbone of what makes this country great. He wanted to help right the wrongs that happened to these people as a result of construction accidents, factory accidents, machinery malfunctions & defects, negligence or reckless action on the part of product designers, machinery makers, third party subcontractors and the like. That's where he has put his formidable talent, firsthand construction knowledge and extensive experience ever since.

Fighting the good fight on your behalf

He has built from the ground up a solid and strong law practice focused solely on protecting the interests of innocent people who have been harmed in the course of their work or as a result of mistakes that doctors or surgeons have made. He safeguards their interests and brings his significant knowledge in the field of accidents and medical malpractice to bear in every single case he takes on.

The law office of Bixler W. Howland, is a firm of longstanding good reputation in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Howland has significant teaching experience at the college level on medical issues and ethics. He has served on the advisory counsel of a local support center for pregnant women. He cares about your future. He will competently address wrongs done to you.

For a free consultation about how our firm can help you seek compensation, please call us at 502-657-7137