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Closed Head Injuries

When Accidents Result in Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries can be mild, moderate or severe. Physicians almost always are able to immediately detect moderate and severe closed head injuries using MRI and CT scans. In cases of mild closed head injuries, however, the symptoms may appear only gradually. Furthermore, because the symptoms of mild closed head injuries may be relatively mild themselves, the symptoms may be ignored or minimized.

If you or someone you love experiences changes in personality, mood or concentration after a concussion or other mild injury to the brain — it is critically important to seek immediate medical attention from a neuropsychological specialist.

If a lawyer is representing you after the accident, it is also extremely important to keep your attorney informed about any changes in medical condition. Your personal injury settlement is your only opportunity to get complete compensation for the full effects of your injuries.

If you develop delayed symptoms of brain injury, your attorney will make sure that the settlement demand includes financial compensation for additional medical assessments, surgical procedures, rehabilitation and assistive devices that may be necessary.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the law office of Bixler W. Howland,, has represented victims of serious injury accidents for more than 30 years. Trial attorney Bixler W. Howland has significant experience working with clients who develop delayed symptoms of closed head injuries.

For a complimentary case evaluation, call us at 502-657-7137. Mr. Howland represents clients in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Successful outcomes for clients with 'exquisite brain injury'

Doctors call mild closed head injuries "exquisite brain injury." There is nothing "exquisite" about it from the perspective of the sufferers and their families. We have been pleased, though, to fight successfully for just compensation for several victims of mild closed head injuries:

  • Our law firm represented a 17 year-old high school student who was seriously injured when she was struck head-on by a drunk driver traveling at a high speed. She suffered major facial and rib cage injuries but no brain damage was diagnosed. Shortly after the accident, she began having academic and social troubles and became depressed and suicidal. We suggested she see a child psychologist, who referred her to a neuropsychologist for testing. Tests revealed minor brain damage. Because we learned about the brain injury before we finalized the financial settlement, we were able to get her additional compensation — as well as accommodations at high school and college that allowed her to excel, and she went on to have a successful career.
  • We represented a woman who lost consciousness momentarily in a car accident when she was struck by her own air bag. She too was diagnosed with a mild closed head injury after she developed symptoms including loss of concentration and found herself unable to perform her job. We were able to obtain a jury verdict that included compensation for the difference between her former earning potential and her post-accident earning potential.

After an accident, contact the personal injury trial attorneys of Bixler W. Howland, P.S.C. We will fight for a complete and fair settlement or a jury verdict that takes into account all long-term effects of your injuries. To make an appointment for a free case evaluation, call us at 502-657-7137.