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Industrial Accidents

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Manufacturers and installers of machinery are required by law to make equipment as danger-free as possible. Sometimes, however, employers do not insist on safe equipment or conditions in the workplace in order to cut costs or when they can't be bothered to fix a dangerous condition. These cost-saving decisions can come at the expense of a worker's safety, maybe a worker who is the breadwinner for a family.

Just this sort of thing happened at one factory in Kentucky, where several workers were permanently seriously injured before Accident Attorney Bixler W. Howland stepped in and took legal action to help them. The factory owner did finally require the manufacturer of the faulty equipment to fix the problems.

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The Accident law Office of Bixler W. Howland cares about the underdog. Our decades' old firm provides aggressive, relentless and competent legal representation for people with a personal injury from an industrial accident and for the survivors of a loved one who lost his or her life in a wrongful death industrial accident.

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Even if you are receiving workers compensation, if your industrial or construction injury is serious or involved trauma, it is wise to seek counsel of a lawyer to see if you may also receive financial compensation through a third party claim against whoever is responsible.

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