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Workplace Accidents

Experienced Louisville Trial Lawyer for Workplace Accidents

Kentucky and southern Indiana are industrial regions. There are plenty of construction sites, automakers, steel plants, shrink wrap factories and auto factory suppliers. A lot of the workers at these sites do physical labor for an hourly wage. Some make good money. Some barely make minimum wages. Most of these workers give the work everything they have.

Many of these jobs are dangerous. Most employers carefully follow safety rules and train their workers on safe work practices. But what happens when you, a co-worker or a family member suffers a workplace accident? What if the accident is so serious that you can no longer work like you used to?

For more than three decades, local Louisville personal injury trial attorney Bixler W. Howland has represented workers in Kentucky and southern Indiana after serious workplace accidents. When workers' compensation benefits aren't enough — contact us for a free case evaluation with a veteran workplace accidents lawyer. Call us at 502-657-7137.

Who's responsible for a workplace accident?

If your own company or a coworker caused the accident — or if you caused it yourself — then workers' compensation is your only available source of compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and retraining.

However, there are situations in which the question, "Who's responsible?" has a more complicated answer. When a workplace accident is caused by another company or by the employee of another company, then the injured worker may have the legal right to file a private lawsuit to recover compensation in addition to filing a workers' compensation claim.

Lawyers call these types of cases "third-party liability claims." Common examples of third-party claims after worksite injury include:

  • A construction worker injured by defective construction material, in which case the manufacturer of the material may be held legally responsible
  • An industrial accident caused by malfunctioning or defective machinery, in which case a lawsuit may be filed against the company that made the machinery or against the company with the contract to maintain and repair the machinery
  • A factory accident in which a worker permanently loses the use of his arm after it's crushed in a pinch point, in which case a lawsuit may be filed either against the manufacturer of the machinery for failing to place an emergency release level where it could be reached or against the equipment installer for failing to eliminate the pinch point during installation

The benefits of third-party claims over workers' compensation claims

Unlike workers' compensation, the compensation available through private third-party lawsuits is not limited by state law and can include compensation for pain and suffering and, in wrongful death cases, for loss of consortium, which workers' compensation benefits do not cover.

If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident and you have questions about your legal rights, schedule a free consultation with experienced local trial attorney Bixler W. Howland. Call us at 502-657-7137.