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Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Louisville, Kentucky

Accidents between commercial trucking vehicles and passenger cars are common on the freeways in and around Louisville. Our location at the crossroads of three main interstates puts us in the center of a lot of tractor-trailer traffic — and trucking accidents happen with alarming frequency.

Even trucking accidents at relatively low speeds can result in serious injuries to the occupants of the passenger car, not to mention major damage to the vehicle. In the worst cases, fatalities result.

In almost all trucking accidents, the victims benefit by seeking legal help from an experienced personal injury or wrongful death trial attorney.

After a trucking accident, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the various insurance companies that cover the responsible parties. Your lawyer must prove that someone's carelessness caused the accident and then must show the total cost of your injuries in order to get full and fair compensation. If negotiation doesn't result in a fair settlement, however, your attorney will need to take your case to trial. 

For more than three decades, Louisville trial attorney Bixler W. Howland has offered ethical and protective legal representation to residents of Kentucky and southern Indiana. Make a free appointment — call us at 502-657-7137

Proving negligence in trucking accident cases

It is critically important to begin investigation immediately after trucking accidents. Our law firm gathers police reports and witness statements, and we demand copies of driver logs from the trucking companies involved. When necessary, we hire accident reconstructionists to visit the scenes and examine the trucks themselves — in order to develop expert opinions about the cause of the accidents.

The trucking industry is regulated by the National Motor Carriers Safety Act, which contains numerous regulations designed to increase trucking safety and reduce the risk of trucking accidents. When truck drivers, mechanics or trucking companies violate these regulations, that may be enough evidence of negligence to create a strong case for compensation on behalf of the people injured in the accident. The causes of trucking accidents that violate safety regulations include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Driving with insufficient training
  • Equipment failure due to poor maintenance or improper loading
  • Failure to follow the rules of the road
  • Failure to comply with operational guidelines for heavy machinery

After a trucking accident, don't accept a settlement offer without first consulting an experienced trial attorney. You risk throwing away your right to recover fair compensation. For a free case evaluation, contact Bixler W. Howland. Call us at 502-657-7137.