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Who's Responsible?

When you are injured on the job, you are typically entitled to workers' compensation benefits from your employer. If your employer causes your injury, you are typically limited to recovering the workers' compensation benefits which are set by state law. While we do not handle workers' compensation claims, we can refer you to a competent attorney who does practice in that area of the law.

However, many factory, construction and other work place injuries are caused by machinery which has been defectively designed, manufactured or installed by someone other than your employer. In some instances, a condition, like a faulty handrail, uncovered holes in a floor and other dangerous conditions are created by employees of subcontractors on a construction site. Where a dangerous machine or condition causing injury was created by someone other than your employer or your employer's general contractor, you may have the right to bring a third party claim against that responsible party. We handle such claims against responsible third parties to recover compensation that workers' compensation benefits do not pay, such as compensation for pain and suffering.