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Wrongful Death

Aggressive Wrongful Death Attorney in Louisville

Helping you move beyond the loss of a loved one.

Life is precious. When it is suddenly taken away by someone else's mistake or negligence, it is called wrongful death.

of Bixler W. Howland will listen to the story of your loss. We care about what happened − and can help you do something about it. Please call us to schedule a free appointment at 502-657-7137

We aim to stop it from happening to anyone else.

The Law Office of Bixler W. Howland has an intimate understanding of these kinds of deep and tragic losses. We understand that many accidents resulting in death were altogether avoidable

Since 1976, the law office of Bixler W. Howland has been winning significant settlements in:

We are aggressive, experienced, effective advocates. Accessible to you. Easy to talk to. Safeguarding you through the civil lawsuit process. No fee unless we win.

Attorneys of the law office of Bixler W. Howland understand the issues that you may face as a result of your loss. We know neither we, nor the individuals or companies responsible can ever truly compensate for your loss. We can, however, help you put a financial calculation on the trauma, lost earnings, the costs of a lost breadwinner, the loss of a spouse or child, and all related medical costs. These costs are not yours to bear. We will work hard to help bring financial stability through compensation so that you can move forward and take back your life.

Call 502-657-7137 or email us. It may be the best next step you ever take.